Please visit our concession stand

Below is a current list of our food items & pricing. See further below for information on the non edible items in our stand.

Bottled Water $1.00

Soda (Can) $1.50

Coffee $1.50

Hot tea $1.50

Hot coco $2.00

Mocha $2.50

Box Candy $2.50

Candy $1.50

Soft Pretzel $2.00

Popcorn Large (free refills) $5.00

Regular $4.00

Cheese Burger $4.25

Hamburger $4.00

Veggie Burger $4.50

Secret Burger $6.00

Chicken Nuggets $3.50

Chicken Sandwich $3.50

Corn Dog $2.50

French Fries $3.00

Hot Dog $2.00

Mozzarella Sticks $3.50

Nachos $3.25

Onion Rings $3.50

Pizza $7.50

Perogies $3.25

Tater Tots $3.00

Ice Cream $2.50

Hug from Mark Priceless

(But free on Thursday nights)


We also have past and current original art event posters for sale. As well as T shirts, and a selection of VHS TAPES and VINYL. Current Posters are $5.00. Past Event posters are 2 for $5. Tapes are by donation (you decide the price) Vinyl is typically price tagged. At any given time we may have decals, pins or other various items available. We offer event specific T shirts for select events; at varied prices. MDIT t shirts are $15.00 or 2 for $25.

We almost always accept VINYL, VHS, & varied PHYSICAL MEDIA donations. Feel free to message us with any inquires on donating your excess analog.

Leave a secret when you go & kindly let us know if you plan to steal anything.