Now that the dust has begun to settle on this Roller Coaster that was 2021.. We wanted to take a moment to give a HUGE THANK YOU to all the fans around the world who have taken The Mahoning into their hearts!

Your Support This Season Has Been Overwhelming.

We can truly say “We Would Not Be Here Without You” and that rings especially true with the incredible turn of events with our land sale this summer!! You helped us raise the bar once again & have given us our most successful season yet (once again)!

And… we saved our beloved Mecca for generations to come!

Honestly, to be able to bring you once in a lifetime events gives us such a thrill & opportunity we have to welcome you into our world is such a gift;)

We consider ourselves a Family here. And we are so blessed to have you as part of it. To think we are still in our early stages as we continue to grow & learn each season is beyond exciting!

We will miss seeing all of your smiling faces for a few months.. but rest assured: 2022 is going to be one worth waiting for;);)

Stay Tuned to our socials as we continue to unveil our off season happenings!

We Love You!
35mm for Life.

Support The Mahoning

With the upcoming purchase on our beloved property we would love your support!
Below are ways to support the Mahoning during the off season.


Now, with Patreon we have the ability to give both regulars and those who've admired us from afar the chance to help us survive, thrive and grow.  A chance to get a little inside skinny on Mahoning Drive-In happenings past, present, and future, and score some cool exclusive swag and opportunities in the process!


A peek inside legendary Mahoning Drive-In Theater, the all-retro, all-35mm film fan destination in Lehighton, PA, featuring staff interviews, celebrity guests, Drive-In history and more!

Merch Store

Our web store currently offers a few event posters, but as the weeks go by, more items will be added and featured here as we shiver our way toward The Mahoning's April opening.Past event posters are $7–shipped right to you from Spiral Rewind in careful packaging.

eGift Cards

Mahoning Drive-In Theater eGift Cards! Available in standard or custom denominations, these cards can be used at the Mahoning Ticket Booth, Merch Tent, and Snack Bar throughout the 2021 season and beyond!

The card images have fit set to cover, so they fill their masking container without stretching. Try making the “Cards Image Mask” a circle using border-radius or adjusting the size ratio using top padding. Don’t forget to set an alt description for each image, which will help with accessibility.