Here’s a one-take shot at some of the most common questions we are asked about the Mahoning experience.  Whether this is your first time at a Drive-In or you just want to see how we do things The Mahoning Way, take a look below and see if, unlike the Rolling Stones, you can indeed get satisfaction.

+ What is the price?

Prices are PER PERSON
General - $12.00
Kids (Ages 5-13) - $5.00
* Children 4 and under are always FREE *

Extended Stay pricing varies by event, please see the Facebook event page or event ticketing page for more information.

**Special event pricing may vary**

You can pre purchase tickets online, link below and on our Event -> Current Event section of the website.
Tickets can also be purchased at the Admission Gate using cash or credit card. (Subject to Sold Out Conditions)

Current Events

+ What is an Extended Pass?

The Extended Pass allows you to sleep in your vehicle (no RVs, campers or pop-ups) or a tent on the lot after the films, leaving by noon the next day, unless you have consecutive Extended Passes.

+ How do I hear the movie?

Tune in to 89.3 FM for film sound, and live DJs spinning tunes and tales from about 6pm until showtime every night! If you are worried about running down your car battery, cannot put your car key into the "Accessory" position while watching the films, or want to sit outside during the show, please remember to bring a portable radio. The nearest source to buy a portable radio is Walmart, just a short distance from the theater. Phone radio apps will NOT work for listening to our film audio, due to a delay they carry, resulting in the image and sound being out of synch. Portable or car radios are the only way to go.

+ What if it rains?

As they say, the show must go on. The rain never bothered us anyway.

+ When can I arrive?

Gates open at 6pm. Arrive well before showtime and you’ll have plenty of time to get a good spot, set up extended stay areas if you’re staying with us, socialize,grab some tasty and inexpensive food and peruse our vintage VHS, LPs, and merch for sale in the concession stand.

Films start at dusk, as soon as it gets dark enough for our projectors to light up the screen.

+ Wifi Password?

We do not currently have WiFi on the lot.

+ My car battery died, now what?

If you find that your car battery needs a jump, come into the concession stand and we'll dispatch a Jump Commando to accompany you to your vehicle and get it up and running again. Be aware that during busy times, we may ask you to wait until a JC is available to assist you. Running your engine for a bit between films during intermission will help keep your car battery charged.

+ When can I leave?

You can leave any time during the evening.  Just be aware of your surroundings as you back out (many people sit in front of their cars), and exit to the right of the screen.

+ What if I get the munchies?

Check in the concession stand menu. Outside food and drink is not permitted (but we're not sticklers about it). We do encourage you to stop by our concession stand. We have a full menu of tasty meals at affordable prices! Keep an eye on our social media accounts for Weekly Specials.

Concession Menu

+ Do I need to bring Cash?

We take cards at the ticket booth and concession stand, but vendors often do not. The nearest ATM is located down the road at the Giant/Big Lots plaza.

+ How much of a "Good Time" can I have?

Please be respectful of your fellow drive-in fans. Sound tends to bounce of our giant screen to all corners of the lot, and conversations can be heard far from where you may be sitting. Many people drive far and wide to  see their favorite films under the stars, and we'd hate to have that magic tainted by distracting behavior. Respect is key. We do not promote the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and please no smoking in the bathrooms.

+ Can I bring my pets?

Pets are allowed! They must be leashed at all times, well behaved,cleaned up after and cannot enter the concession stand.