Meet Our Team

The Mahoning Drive-In is run by a passionate group of film lovers who have come together to make everyone who visits feel like a friend.  Here’s a little bit more about our “family”.


Favorite Film:

Jeff is the owner and head projectionist at The Mahoning.  Having learned the art of film projection in the Air Force, Jeff has worked in and managed theaters since Steve Guttenberg was a box office powerhouse.  Jeff spends his days working at a local radio station, and his nights, much like Batman, fighting for justice under cover of darkness, defeating every bad splice with his razor wit (and literal razor), making sure every change-over is as seamless as a gorilla suit (one of those really expensive, seamless ones).


Favorite Film:

Virgil is partner and film booker/curator/publicity director at The Mahoning.  A lifetime of performing music and theater has led him to his destiny, making sure we secure good solid used rental tapes of SLIME CITY to run at VHS Fest and being dynamically charming while talking to customers and studios alike.  Always smiling, always friendly, you’ll know Virgil is on the lot by the sound of his distinctive laugh.  Virgil manages a national chain theater by day, serving up blockbusters to the masses, and spends his weekends at the Mahoning, catering to hardcore film fans and those who just love the experience of seeing old movies, on film, under the stars.  It is rumored that Virgil once toured with Jefferson Airplane in the 1960s and strongly advised them to skip Altamont (this has yet to be confirmed).

James “J.T.”

Favorite Film:

James, or “J.T.”, is the event planner, set decorator, and cosplayer at The Mahoning.  When you come to a Mahoning event and see the snack bar decorated inside and out, recreating scenes with props from the films being featured, that’s the single-handed work of J.T., who brings a passion for screen accuracy and immersive fan experiences. Often the images you’ll see shared online by guests feature J.T.’s handiwork.  A hospital worker by day, J.T. utilizes his free time to visit filming locations, attend conventions, occasionally see films (when wearing his glasses, not a Jason mask), and mastermind one amazing Mahoning display after another.  While he may look to be a spry 30-something, J.T. is an incredibly well-preserved 63 years old, his youthful visage the product of clean living and sleeping in pickle brine on Thursdays.


Favorite Film:

Mark runs the cash register in the snack bar at The Mahoning and edits the pre-show and concession stand videos you see from week to week.  Mark has the distinction of travelling the farthest (from NH) each weekend to work at The Mahoning.  A graduate of the Needham-Reynolds School of Long-Haul Driving, Mark racks up the miles to enjoy meeting our guests and gobbling up as many big-screen retro films as possible (MGM in particular was not happy about their pristine print of OCTAMAN being partially eaten by Mark, replacement footage of THE ONE-ARMED EXECUTIONER inserted in its stead).  Mark is Executive Director at a small public access TV station by day, cash jockey at the Mahoning by night.


Favorite Film:

Morgan is a snack bar attendant at The Mahoning.  While only serving on the Mahoning team for one season, Morgan quickly became part of the family with his quiet yet fun-loving determination to serve our customers with a mixture of speed and accuracy that can only be described as “fast and correct”, though some have dared call him a maverick of the hot butter realm.  Morgan has been rumored to have spent 6-14 months training in the Far East as a Certified Chainsaw Sculptor (sculpting chainsaws out of near any element known to man, specializing in rivet-accurate Husqvarna renditions), though documents solidifying this fact were lost in a silo explosion.    Morgan studies manufacturing, and by night as part of the Mahoning snack bar team.

Nancy (Fancy)

Favorite Film:

Fancy is a snack bar attendant at The Mahoning, and co-author with Virgil of the surprise ending of AT THE DRIVE-IN (available streaming and on DVD).  Fancy has a part of The Mahoning since Virgil first became involved with the theater, and has spent many a night slinging corndogs, ringing up customers, and chasing down errant bears along the edge of the property (when Fancy gives a bear what for, it STAYS what for’d).  Fancy loves music, family, and a good Delaware Double-Knot Doodlebug (unclear as we go to press, this may be a drink, may be a dessert, possibly an insect, or a combination of all three).  Fancy works days as technician of the tidying arts, and spends many a summer evening at the Mahoning greeting all with a smile and a friendly and accurate dispensation of change.  Never one to rest on her laurels, Fancy has thrice attempted a world record for potato chip stacking in a stiff breeze, but has yet to achieve her goal of being all-region champion for the greater southern north-eastern central Pennsylvania area.