Welcome New Fans..
Or should we say, Welcome To The Family..
What makes The Mahoning Drive-in Theater so special? The fact that it has consistently run since 1949.. Is it the untouched screen,marquee, concession lobby and projection room? Is it the fact they are the largest single screen drive-in left in the United State.. or the massive CinemaScope Screen plopped in the most beautiful rural setting? All of that.But, what’s truly special about The Mahoning Drive-in Theater is its dedication to Film & Fandom. Each event is much more than the films (although that’s key to our legend).. In 2014 our team decided to transfer back to a Reel-to-Reel system and show nothing but retro classics on original 35mm format.. This certainly made waves in a digitally run industry, but Mahoning has been embraced by fans World Wide as “America’s Only 100% Retro Classic 35mm Drive-in”. As for fandom, we welcome fans from around the world to join us for our immersive experience complete with photo ops, cosplay, themed eats, live dj sets, original event posters & merch each night we are open.. Our over the top dedication to the simple love of film and community has gained us national press and boosted us into legendary status. This propelled the success of our award winning documentary “At The Drive-in” which chronicles The Mahoning’s Rise! And embrace of Hollywood and the industry as a True Cinematic Mecca.

Each night at The Mahoning is truly like a rock concert-except instead of your favorite bands headlining the show, it’s a film you are so incredibly nostalgic about it makes you forget all your worries.. We allow our guests to extend their stay with an Overnight Pass & pitch a tent for the evening.. Our curated programming is truly unmatched and each night is one of a kind..

While we allow folks to get comfortable and soak up the experience all weekend; we have a few very simple rules:
•Respect your fellow fans (we have folks travel across the country to experience rare 35mm presentations) •Respect the lot and staff (as many know, we started as an all volunteer crew to build The Mahoning and its community)
•Follow each events laid out protocols.. We host dozens of events each season - all a bit unique and all with different steps to follow.

Please take a look around our website and our social media (linked at the bottom of this page) for details on Pricing, Overnight, Gate Time, Showtime, Guests, Packages, Exclusives & More. Below we have linked our FAQs and Overnight Guide to answer many of your burning questions. If you don't see the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page or email us with any questions at MahoningDriveinTheater@gmail.com