2019 Season

Take a look at our past events.

2019 Season Premiere

It's fast approaching! Introducing the 2019 Season Premiere at The Mahoning Drive-In Theater!April 26 & 27 is our traditional opening double feature. THE WIZARD OF OZ (1939) & WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY (1971) will be presented in their original 35MM FILM format, and splashed against our gigantic outdoor screen! Join us for a night of family fun under the stars as we celebrate the return of Drive-In times, and the beginning of another adventure!

90's Action Party!

Stallone, Snipes, and Schwarzenegger! It's Wazzzzzap! Join us at The Mahoning Drive-In Theater and relive the radical action of early 90's gold!First, we kick it off with “The big ticket for '93”, THE LAST ACTION HERO. Schwarzenegger is in fine form in this bizarre action fantasy. We then pit two action greats against one another in a satirical future-fight between Sylvester Stallone Wesley Snipes in DEMOLITION MAN!May 3 & 4 only! Both features are presented in glorious 35mm!

Killer Klown Double Down

On May 10 & 11, we're 'klowning' around with the most dangerous circus freaks to walk this earth! So get silly, and float with us for two nights of terror straight from the big top! It's KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE (1988) and IT (2017) back-to-back on the biggest screen in the state!

Turtle Power!

Cowabunga! On May 17 & 18, It's a double dose of everybody's favorite heroes in the half shell! TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES 1 & 2 on glorious 35mm!

Drive-In Zombiefest V

This Memorial Day Weekend (May 24-26), the unstoppable ZOMBIEFEST returns in its fifth incarnation to the Mahoning Drive-In Theater! Presented by Exhumed Films, ZOMBIEFEST V will again showcase nine fright-filled living dead features over three terrifying nights! If this one doesn’t scare you, you’re already dead!

Lost In The Labyrinth

On May 31 and June 1, Two masters of magic, Jim Henson and Guillermo del Toro, collide in one spellbinding show! The Mahoning Drive-In Theater invites you to get lost in a unique fantasy pairing of LABYRINTH (1986) and PAN'S LABYRINTH (2006). Both features are presented in enchanting 35mm film!

Vampyrty ~ 2019

On June 7 & 8, The Mahoning Drive-In Theater invites you to “do your fang” at VAMPYRTY 2019! This year, we're going all out hosting a VAMPIRE SENIOR DANCE on the lot, spinning some undead jams over the airwaves, and turning the snack bar into a cursed gymnasium for all you guys, ghouls, and creatures of the night to celebrate!
Dress to impress! Our favorite costumes will get a little extra blood in their punch bowl We have a lot in store for the party, so stay tuned for more updates as we roll out more “dead-ertainment”!

70th Anniversary Party ~ Bite Night

It's our 70th season, and we're throwing an anniversary party! June 14 & 15, marks the return of our FIRST retro program from the wayback year of 2014, BITE NIGHT! ~ Jurassic Park & Jaws in timeless 35mm FILM!
Built in 1948, The Mahoning Drive-In Theater was constructed as the premiere area drive-in. It opened the following spring, and for 70 years, it shined as a cinematic beacon to the community. Today, The Mahoning Drive-In Theater stands as one of the nations last cinema giants; A truly massive single-screen outdoor theater. It's a monument to movie-viewing history!
Along with our retro 35mm programming, we've also managed to maintain and save much of the original infrastructure, including our 1940's Simplex E7 projectors (which are still in operation), making this drive-in one of the most authentic and historic moviegoing experiences in the country!

Second Chance Weekend

June 21 & 22 We believe everyone deserves a second chance, and so do movies. To that end, we're offering up this motley double bill (quack) of Masters of the Universe (1987) and Howard The Duck (1986). Neither of them were hits in their day, and both of them were panned by fans and critics alike, but looking back, were they really so bad? Maybe. Here is your chance to catch the other side of cinema history the way it was meant to be experienced...ON 35MM FILM! Can the power of nostalgia and the magic of the drive-in bring new life to these misfit and misunderstood motion pictures?


Exhumed Films presents at The Mahoning Drive-In theater: GODZILLA-PALOOZA!
The undisputed “King of the Monsters” turns 65 this year, but Godzilla is not ready to retire just yet! Join us on June 28 & 29 as we celebrate Big G’s birthday with a weekend’s worth of the most magnificent monster movies of all time! You will see Godzilla battle some of his fiercest foes in a colossal clash of the creatures. Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!

Harry Potter and the 8 Movie Marathon!

4th of July weekend, The Mahoning Drive-In Theater is extending a very special invitation to attend a weekend of wizardly wonder!*Thursday ~ Friday ~ Saturday ~ Sunday*
We proudly present ALL EIGHT Harry Potter films in order and on 35mm FILM over FOUR nights! Don't miss out on this multi-day cine-magic event!

VHS Fest ~ 2019

BACK FOR VENGEANCE! On July 12 and 13, the biggest retro event of the season, Drive-in VHS-Fest, returns for PART III! Lunchmeat VHS, Saturn's Core Audio & Video, and The Mahoning Drive-In Theater, are powering up to bring you two nights PACKED full of movies, vendors, special guests, music, and SO MUCH MORE.. Some of the rarest VHS titles and home video horror/sci-fi hits will be coming at you on the big Big BIG screen! That's right, we're running ACTUAL VHS TAPES at one of the largest drive-in theaters in the country! So adjust your tracking and press play for an action-packed analog party!
We're also hosting a VHS and cult cinema flea market both evenings before the show! Come early and score some analog goodies, and/or mingle with fellow tapeheads!

Christmas in
July ~ 2019

On July 19 & 20, forget the halls, deck out your CAR for 2019's Christmas in July: 'Home Alone Edition!
Help us turn the drive-in lot into a winter wonderland! For two nights, we'll be throwing down two ultimate holiday classics with a double feature of HOME ALONE & HOME ALONE 2: LOST IN NEW YORK, both presented in glorious 35mm film!

Schlock-O-Rama 2019

It’s July, it’s summer and it’s time for the drive-in! And what’s more fun at the drive-in than schlocky monster movies under the stars? Nothing, daddy-o. So, on July 26 & 27, it’s SCHLOCK-O-RAMA 3, presented by Exhumed Films at the Mahoning Drive-In Theater! Our annual tribute to the cheap, trashy world of wild genre cinema that plays best on the giant outdoor screen! You’ll see monsters, monsters and more monsters, plus a tribute to the late, great Dick Miller, in his most iconic role as Walter Paisley in BUCKET OF BLOOD!

Disaster Double! Twister & Earthquake

We here at the Mahoning Drive-In Theater know first-hand the force of mother earth's wrath, and we feel that it's time to pay tribute.
August 2 & 3, we're shaking things up a bit with a breezy double-bill of disaster!TWISTER (1996) & EARTHQUAKE (1974)!
2 films of Epic Destruction back-to-back on 35mm!
All kinds of monsters have graced our screen over the years ~ from ghosts and ghouls to crazed killers and kaiju! But only one of them has actually been able to blow its way THROUGH our screen! Now, we celebrate the greatest cinematic threat of all time, nature itself!

Universal Monster Mash ~ 2019

On August 9 & 10, The Mahoning Drive-In Theater is throwing the ultimate graveyard smash for the ferocious return of UNIVERSAL MONSTER MASH!
It's an all-out smash up of FOUR classic Universal Monster movies over two nights. Each creature feature is presented in beautiful 35mm film, the way they were meant to be seen! Join the party. It's sure to catch on with a flash!

Woodstock ~ At The Drive-In

1969 ~ It was a time of turmoil, war, and a movement... It was the time of Woodstock.
This three day music festival on a dairy farm in New York became one of the most influential events in music history, and a platform a growing counterculture movement. In those three days, Woodstock transcended beyond just another festival, and into something synonymous with peace, love, and unity through music (as well as sticking it to “The Man”).
With Woodstock 50 in peril, The Mahoning Drive-In Theater is proud to swoop in and present a tribute to the greatest party of all time! We're putting on our own Woodstock style celebration, and we're doing it the only way we know how, ON 35MM FILM!

Camp Blood V

Here it is, campers! The horror movie event of the summer that you’ve been waiting all year for! Exhumed Films and the Mahoning Drive-In Theater present Camp Blood V on August 23 & 24! It’s time for the giant outdoor screen to run red with more slasher movie mayhem on 35mm, and this year we have an extra film and a VERY special guest: 80’s horror movie icon Jill Schoelen! Jill will be selling merchandise, signing autographs and meeting fans before, during and in-between movies on Saturday night!
As usual, we’ll have our pre-movie Camp Blood games, incredible limited edition event tees and posters by Justin (Haunt Love) Miller, vintage slasher movie trailers before each film, raffles, prizes and DiabolikDVD and Garagehouse Pictures tables set up in the snack bar! This is an event that no horror movie fan would want to miss!

Reel Weird Weekend ~ Vol. 2

This Labor Day weekend, Aug. 30-Sept. 1, Exhumed Films and the Mahoning Drive-In Theater offer an escape from the real life blues... and it’s going to get a little weird. Join us for REEL WEIRD WEEKEND VOLUME 2, three thematic double features guaranteed to alter your reality!

Horror Prom

The Mahoning Drive-In theater is proud to present a date night of fright! CARRIE 1976 will premiere on glorious 35mm film, and we're throwing a prom of our own with a best dressed Horror Couples Contest on the lot for a chance to win fame and glory along with some drive-in goodies (we promise it isn't a bucket of pigs blood...or is it?)!
It wouldn't be a true drive-in show if it wasn't a double feature, so be sure to stay after the movie for a SPECIAL SECRET 2nd FEATURE! Hint: we're keeping it in theme and on 35mm.
So get your date and come decked out in your favorite horror theme to help us turn the lot and snack bar into a ghoulish dance hall. We'll be spinning some classic ballroom jams to get everyone in the party spirit!

Teens Gone WILD Weekend

On September 13 & 14, Exhumed Films is proud to partner with the Mahoning Drive-In Theater to showcase some of the rudest, crudest, lewdest films ever to play on one unbelievable weekend-long program! Its TEENS GONE WILD WEEKEND, featuring special guest Mike "McBeardo" McPadden, author of Teen Movie Hell, the definitive crucible of coming of age comedies (who will be selling and signing copies of his new book)!
Its underachievers, losers and nerds vs. overachievers, jocks and the establishment, with a side of sex and a steady (yellow) stream of flatulence, boogers and x-ray vision! Its a party of raw cinema insanity and you're invited! There will be raffles, prizes, fun and games, and a collection of vintage 80s sex comedy trailers preceding each film!

Grease &
Grease 2

It's one of the single most requested films of all time! GREASE has graced our suggestion box nearly every weekend for the past five seasons. On September 20 & 21, we're finally doing it! GREASE and GREASE 2 will be blasted on our massive drive-in screen!

Weekend of Terror ~ Part 4

You survived three times before and you’ve come back for more... now there’s WEEKEND OF TERROR IV! Exhumed Films and the Mahoning Drive-In Theater present another dark descent into celluloid madness, well-calculated to drive you out of your mind. This time nothing will save you! We warned you not to go to the drive-in!

E.T. and Me

On Oct 4 & 5, The Mahoning Drive-In Theater invites you to join us for a very, very special out of this world double feature...
E.T. & Mac and Me back-to-back! That's right, the big MAC (Mysterious Alien Creature) himself will share two nights on the giant Mahoning screen with E.T. (Extra Terrestrial) in a interplanetary friendship throwdown! One is a beloved childhood classic, the other is a beloved VHS oddity, but both will be presented ON 35MM FILM!
It's a night of friends, family, fizzy drinks, and fast food mayhem!

Freddy Fest! Nightmare 1-6 on 35mm

The man of your dreams is back! On Oct. 11 & 12th, Exhumed Films and the Mahoning Drive-In Theater present FREDDY FEST! You’ve been dreaming about it, now here it is Freddy fans! The first six films over two nights, plus trailers, games, prizes, raffles, vintage Freddy merch for sale, DiabolikDVD, Garagehouse Pictures and more! Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep!

Shorts in the Fall ~ Film Festival

Back Again this Fall, The Mahoning Drive-In Theater will play host to its 2nd Annual SHORTS IN THE FALL Film Festival. Presented by The Moving Picture Cinema.
Over this two-night special event, we will showcase the most interesting, thought provoking, weird, offbeat, quirky, and fun short films by 32 independent filmmakers from across the Tri-State area.
Each night will also premiere an independently produced feature length or a short featurette, personally curated by the festival show-runners! It's not a drive-in event without a Double Feature!
This event will also feature a post screening filmmaker Q&A and our Shorty Awards Ceremony each night! Come out Friday Oct. 18th and Saturday Oct. 19th to see who takes home the top prize for the coveted ”Golden Shorty" award!!!

Halloween Party!

2019 has been our biggest and best season yet! But all great things need rest, and as the leaves change, and the nights grow colder, it's time once again to enter our annual winter slumber. BUT FEAR NOT! We'll be back at it again next year, and to top it all off, we're finishing out 2019 with the ultimate (and literal) HALLOWEEN PARTY! Four Halloween movies back-to-back, beginning with the OG masterpiece that defined a genre in horror!